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Bone and Joint Infections


Bone & Joint Infection Treatment in Ocala, FL

At Ocala Wound Care in Ocala, FL, we offer the highest quality of care to our patients who have developed a bone or joint infection. Also known as osteomyelitis, bone infections often occur in the hands, feet or spine in adults and the arms or legs of children. Staphylococcus is a common cause of bone infections because it has the ability to rapidly travel through the bloodstream and spread to bones. Other occurrences of bone infections are caused when bacteria enters an injury, primarily a deep cut or wound, and then affects a neighboring bone. Bacteria can also enter a bone when there is a bone fracture or break.

Bone infections have similar symptoms as other infections, including fever, chills, stiffness and irritability. Bone infections will often cause swelling or redness of the area, drainage of the area and the inability to use the appendage associated with the infected bone.

When bone or joint infections are diagnosed, your doctor will choose an appropriate treatment for your specific case, but antibiotics are commonly used and are usually necessary to aid in the healing of the infected area. Surgery may be required in certain cases, and the infected bone or surrounding tissue is removed in severe cases.

If you have been diagnosed with a bone or joint infection, Ocala Wound Care is available to aid in your treatment through antibiotic infusion therapy. To schedule an appointment in Ocala, FL, contact Ocala Wound Care today at 352-401-7552.


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