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Do’s and Don’ts of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?


Continuous supervision and monitoring are provided during the treatment. Our skilled staff of physicians, nurses and hyperbaric technicians have all undergone National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology training.

For your comfort and safety, please:

  • Provide a complete list of all your current medications, including those which are available without a prescription.
  • Notify the Hyperbaric Chamber treatment nurse if you have symptoms of a cold or flu. Often it's best to delay treatment until these symptoms subside.
  • Metal can not be taken into the chamber (internal metal like pacemakers, joint replacements, etc. are ok)
  • Do not use oil or alcohol based grooming products before entering the chamber
  • Hairspray, makeup, perfume and aftershave should not be worn.
  • Remove the following just before entering the chamber:
    • Dentures, or partial plates, All jewelry and other personal items.
    • Do not bring flammable substances. Oxygen is highly flammable. No cigarettes, matches, cigarette lighters or other flammable substances may be brought inside the chamber
  • Do not use any tobacco products during your course of treatment.
    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not effective in smokers and can even be counter-productive because of the side effects of nicotine
  • Do not bring any valuable items with you.
    • Although lockers are available for clothing and other items, we recommend that you leave valuables at home.

One of the big things that makes our chamber different/better than others in the area is that it is the largest hyperbaric chamber in the area. Most chambers are only 34 inches or 36 inches in diameter. Our Sigma 40 Hyperbaric Chamber is 40 inches in diameter.

This matters because it decreases any feeling of clausterphobia, and allows patients to be able to raise the head of the bed up higher. This is important in the obese population, elderly, or people with breathing problems because it is more difficult to breathe lying flat. In a 34 or 36 inch chamber, there is not enough room to raise the head up and many patients have to lay flat.

Also , the clear acrylic tubing manufactured by Perry Baromedical is one of the clearest around. It does not give off the "fish eye" feeling that other chambers do.


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