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Ocala Infectious Disease and Wound Center is the only privately owned wound care center in the tri county area. What does this mean to you? You are more than an account number or a patient we will only see once. At Ocala Infectious Disease and Wound Center, we establish long term relationships with many of our clients. Our physician, nurse practitioners, and staff are committed in providing each patient with individualized, high-quality wound care.

What Services Do We Provide?

Established in 2004, Ocala Infectious Disease and Wound Center began serving Marion County residents in a small three exam room clinic. We found that many clients required hospitalization only to get IV antibiotics for wound care. This was frustrating not only to the clients but to us as well. Therefore, in 2008 we opened our outpatient infusion therapy clinic. This has allowed us to provide antibiotics to clients altogether preventing hospitalizations and also making it possible to discharge patients in the hospital sooner than normal.

In 2011 we started our Lyme disease clinic treating a myriad of patients with problems of chronic fatigue, joint pains, and neurological issues. Now in 2014 we will continue to better service our wound care patients by opening our new 7,000sf facility adding hyperbaric oxygen therapy, whirlpool, total contact casting, in office debridement, specialty dressings, and more to what we can provide for our clients.

Do We Provide Wound Care outside of Ocala Infectious Disease and Wound Center?

Yes. We have consulting privileges at the following facilities: Ocala Regional Medical Center, Munroe Regional Medical Center, West Marion Hospital, and Kindred Hospital.

What do We Treat?

Infectious Disease physicians at the wound care center treat a variety of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and more. Many of these can be difficult to treat or become reoccurring for the client. Sometimes, infections can also become resistant to typical antibiotics and require an Infectious Disease specialist to help treat them as well.

What about our Wound Care Center?

Wounds can cause a lot of financial and emotional stress for a patient. They can decrease quality of life due to pain, frequent dressing changes, or body disfigurement. For most instances, wounds do not occur by accident. They can be caused surgery, pressure, or other diseases like diabetes or venous insufficiency. At Ocala Infectious Disease and Wound Center, we not only provide care to heal a client's ulcer or wound, but we also work to treat the cause behind it, preventing reoccurrence in the future. That's why our wound care center is the most affordable solution for many of our clients.

Other thoughts:

Managing infectious diseases can pose a major challenge for patients and most physicians. Loss of work, high health care costs, uncertainty of long term health and life expectancy, and stress on family dynamics all play a role in major health problems. Our Infectious Disease specialist team's training is based on the treatment of infections, wound care, and prevention of reoccurrence.



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