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“Dr. Mirza has spent many hours with my wife and myself sharing his vast knowledge and techniques on how to clean and bandage her wounds. He has increased her quality of life and her wounds have very much improved. Without Dr Mirza?s wonderful care and dedication she will slowly relapse back to where we started prior to her treatment.”

“Dr Mirza has treated my mother for over three years. She was dying of malnutrition, requiring the installation of a nutrition feeding port, which was routinely attacked by life threatening infections. The port had to be replaced several times and I am certain that had my Mom been unfortunate enough to find a less qualified physician than Dr Mirza, she would not be with us today.

Dr Mirza is one of the most conscientious, caring, and qualified doctors that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and I am so thankful that he has been here for mom.”

“Dr Mirza has been my doctor since August 2007. I have Mycobacterium Abscessus. He continues to treat my serious condition. If one medication does not work and causes something in my system to become infected he immediately takes charge and changes my meds to try to help my present condition. Because I have a highly drug resistant infection, there are several drugs I cannot take. In fact, because of my condition and side effects from different medications he made arrangements for me to go to National Jewish Hospital in Denver. At that time it was discovered I needed immediate surgery which was done within days of admission. Dr Mirza is a caring doctor to the point, if he becomes aware of something wrong while I am in his office he will Immediately get things done. I know he is a caring, understanding and truly dedicated doctor, and because of this dedication and experience. . . . I am alive today!”

“Dr Mirza’s professionalism as a physician, passion for his field, and attentiveness to his patients places him in a category well above his colleagues. I sincerely believe that the knowledge he commands and the care he displays has made the difference between his patients rapid recovery and others. He is a physician that has pride in his work and the outcome of his patients well being is his primary concern. I have been under his care for the past 11 years and the difference in my condition is remarkable. With previous physicians and treatments I have not received the quality of care and incredible understanding of my disease as with Dr Mirza.

I am a patient of Dr Mirza, and 68 years old. Following surgery two years ago, I developed a severe infection. This made a second surgery necessary as well as the services of an Infectious Disease physician. I was referred to Dr Mirza and put on a wound vac and began the long journey back to good health.

I have been under his care for the past year and am at long last near the end of this ordeal. Dr Mirza is a caring compassionate and dedicated physician who is always there when you need him. Not only has he provided excellent care but has been patient and willing to instruct my husband and a friend on the care of my wound when home health could not visit more than once a week.”

“I have been a patient of Dr Mirza since 2011. I was recommended to him by another wound care clinic after they determined they were not able to care for the venous stasis ulcers on my leg that were infected with four different bacteria. What started as a door knob size wound ended in a wound that would cover the lower portion of my entire leg, including my shin, calf, and ankle.

After my first visit to Dr Mirza’s office I was encouraged to be hospitalized for acute stabilization and receive the best care and diagnostic testing possible for me. Dr Mirza immediately acquired my husband’s (who also is my caretaker) and my trust and confidence in his abilities and knowledge. He proceeded with aggressive antibiotic treatment and whirlpool treatments. It is my contention that I would have most certainly have had my leg amputated without his dedication to healing me. He kept me informed of what his treatment would consist of and why.

Although I am still in the final process of healing and I no longer have infections (due solely to Dr Mirza’s care and the dedication of my husband/caretaker). I have been told by several of my physicians that I will need wound treatment and therapy for the rest of my life for leg ulcers because of my diagnosis and the complications of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, overweight, immobility, loss of immune system, neuropathy, and other maladies associated with these health issues.

From my first visit to Dr Mirza where I was made to feel confidant, comfortable, and encouraged by his staff, him and his remarkable knowledge, I consider the progress I have made under his care to be no less that miraculous.”


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